From the Road: New Bat-or video, Lenart Krečič tracks

Hey y’all,

As I post this, I’m speeding southbound down I-95 (or more likely stuck in traffic) with the Nicole Hart Band. After stops in Richmond, VA and Brunswick, GA, we’ll spend 2 weeks crisscrossing Florida, culminating with 2 performances at the Springing the Blues Festival in Jacksonville Beach. You can see our schedule on my page at, so if we stop anywhere near you, come on out for a good hang! I’ll update this blog with photos and tales of debauchery– so, if you’re into that, go ahead and subscribe ;)

I’ve got a new video up with my long-time collaborator Bat-or Kalo. She’s been getting airplay with her upcoming CD Flesh & Bones over in Tel Aviv, but this video is a live performance of at Rockwood Music Hall in New York. Check it out and make sure you stop by her page to hear some tracks off her new record:

(P.S… her name means “Daughter of Light”, so you know she’s pretty badass ;)

Also, Slovenian saxophonist Lenart Krečič has posted 4 tracks I recorded with him to his profile: his compositions “That Night“, “Vitality” and “Left in Silence” as well as his arrangement of the Slovenian folk song “Zrejlo Je Žito”. Also on the tracks is alto player John Beaty, who played on my live offering Una Passeggiata, and Adam Jackson on the drums.

Check them out here:

Hasta la próxima… I’ve got some cool transcriptions in the works to share on future blogs. You can subscribe here at along the right sidebar.

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