The Daughters Opens!

Last night The Daughters opened at CAP21, a project I’ve been involved with for almost 2 years now we’re starting a showcase run of this “folk-funk opera”, which features some hip music by Shaina Taub and some of the most killin vocal talent I know in the city.  We’ve summoned an excellent band and we’ll be playing for the next 3 weeks, until March 20.  It’d be an honor to see any of you there.

Tickets (including student discounts) available here and details below:

March 2 – March 20
Wed. – Sat. at 7pm & Sun. at 5pm

The Daughters is a folk-funk opera that follows the journey of the vixen starlet Aphrodite, the ruthless hunter Artemis, and the child prodigy Athena, all daughters of the original show-stopper, Zeus. Set against the vicious backdrop of the ceaseless Trojan War, The Daughters explodes the stories of three young women into an immersive, raucous, and heartbreaking rock concert, asking how a spotlighted generation can find their voice in a deafening world.

FEATURING: Shaina Taub, Aisha de Haas, Kate Ferber, Maiysha, Alyse Alan Louis, Grace McLean, Dominique Toney, Jenni Lawton and Catherine Brookman.

At CAP21:
18 W. 18th St, NYC (5th Floor)

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  1. March 5th, 2011