What this Musician learned from FOOTBALL. What?!?

Hey y’all! It’s Morgan of #karmeck360. My brother is seriously so impressed right now. He dreamed about having a “cool” brother who could “talk shop.” He could drool about fantasy football. He could watch ESPN with a cold one. He could play Football with and do cool brotherly things!


…………….… instead he got me

I’ll be honest… I know nothing about Football. But really… you didn’t come to this website looking for a discussion on Football. But as we, #karmeck360, are a new voice on #Subdiversity… sometimes you have to take a look outside of the industry for stories that can impact your work.

By now you have to have seen #Teoing. Do you know what I’m talking about? Notre Dame football guy who had a girlfriend. Who he “loved” but then she “died” and he posted a picture of her on facebook. But that’s impossible…… because SHE NEVER EXISTED. Ugh. Just read this …. **NOTE that you are reading an article from when the story about his girlfriend passing was real to the public. 

Now read this — we find out the “girlfriend” was imaginary. And it’s all a hoax. But who’s really to blame. Also… what I came here to discuss was the internet FURY that broke out surrounding this event.  Not the actual event.

Honestly… I want to share one picture but here’s a whole Tumblr for it

Sometimes things happen in the world… but they’re nothing like the Memes that are created surrounding the event. 

We’ve had incredible examples of that all year:

1) The Obama Campaign

2) Hillary Clinton TEXING!!!

3) The Gabby Douglas… aka The Olympics

4) Call Me Maybe

5) Beyonce Lip Sync FIASCO // Inauguration 2013

So while the goal is not to artificially create a girlfriend, pretend you loved her before you met her (cue Savage Garden clip), and then post a picture of a girl that already exists and be like “WTF” !???! … it is very clear that we are a culture obsessed with the “omg me toooooooo” phenomenon.


What do we call it when………







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