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MoMath = MoLearning

What the Museum of Math Can Teach Us About the Live Experience  by Lindsay of @karmeck360

 The Museum of Mathematics, North America’s first museum devoted to mathematics opened in December at the top of Madison Square Park (the patch of green to the west of Shake Shack, to the east of Eataly).  MoMath, as it has been christened, is attracting attention for its unique spin on subject matter not known for glitzy presentation.

At MoMath, complex principles of geometry are not scratched onto chalkboards or muttered incoherently by foreign teaching assistants, but rather presented as a vibrant, hands-on experience. Almost every exhibit can be manipulated, mounted, and made to come alive in some manner.

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Introducing karmeck360: A new voice in the Subdiversity universe

Subdiversity is joined by Morgan Karr and Lindsay Meck, collectively “karmeck360,” culture producers and curators.  Check out karmeck360’s bi-weekly riffs on music, media, and the live experience.

a preview of karmeck360 potential topics (in Tweets):

  • One 6th of globe knows @psy_oppa horsey dance.  What do viral videos say about us? #GangnamStyle  #MostWatched

#Fiscalcliff?  Boring.  Let’s debate #LesMis through memes.  #IDreamedAMeme @LesMiserables

  • Astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield recorded a @SoundCloud track from space. Missing: percussion, gravity.  #spacejam  #DIYmusic

We are suckers for inspired covers.  “We are Young” performed by old computer parts.  Genius! #Fun

  • Putting your #art into the world can be terrifying.  We (and @ThisisSethsblog) are here to help.  #WeGotYou
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