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Ryan Beatty hits the East Coast: MTV News and Fox DC Morning Show

Last week I got to join 17-year-old Ryan Beatty for a series of shows and promo appearances when he visited New York, including a gig at Webster Hall.

MTV News took the young heartthrob on a tour of the city, which we wrapped up with an acoustic performance in Central Park.

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Later that week, we headed down to DC for a radio appearance and an interview/performance on FOX 5’s morning show. Coincidentally, 60’s psychedelic music legend Donovan, who had just been inducted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame was performing there the same day.

At Webster Hall, we were joined by a stellar band including Adam Stoler, Julian Pollack and Ben Antelis, while Ryan was swamped with teenage fans who sang along to every word.

Curtis & Reinhard’s “No Nothing” featured on So You Think You Can Dance

I can’t even begin to express how proud I was to see Curtis & Reinhard‘s “No Nothing” tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, from our record Live At The Pigeon Club. It was stunning to see the tune choreographed and performed so well by Witney and Marko:

The heart-wrenching tune is without a doubt a favorite from the album and at our live shows. I distinctly remember hearing Blaire Reinhard‘s voice through the headphones as we recorded it, incredulous that I was hearing such a sound, that I was part of something so moving occurring at that very instant. It’s those kinds of moments that drew people like me to music in the first place and that keep me coming back, day after day.

Clinton, Gray and Blaire write about the unique collaborative process for this song here on the Curtis & Reinhard Blog, and you can download “No Nothing” directly from iTunes.

Congrats to Blaire, Gray and Clinton– I find it inspiring that such a moving, meaningful song can make it onto national television to find such a wide audience.

Live on “America’s Got Talent” with Bria Kelly and 7 in Unison

I had a blast last night getting to appear with two contestants on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”– 16-year-old Virginia native Bria Kelly, who performed Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder & Lead”, as well as California dance troupe 7 In Unison, who did a routine to the classic tune “Fever”. Also in tow were good friends and great musicians Dan Weiner (drums), Sierra Noble (fiddle), and Tim Kubart (guitar).

Anna Krantz “We Are Young” at Irving Plaza with Ed Sheeran

I’ve had some great gigs the last couple months with London-raised Anna Krantz. Twice we’ve gotten to share the stage with 21-year-old fellow Brit Ed Sheeran, who’s stunning one-mand-band live show is taking the under- (and over-) 18 demographic by storm.

Here’s a great video taken by a fan of Anna’s live cover Fun’s “We Are Young” at Irving Plaza last month:

Anna has a penchant for strikingly beautiful melodies and poignant, meaningful lyrics, which you can check out on her just released Foundation EP.

Bon Iver plays “Holocene” on Jimmy Fallon

This guy never ceases to amaze. Was blown away by his performance of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” some months back, and then he goes and brings a small orchestra on Jimmy Fallon.


Speaking of Bonnie Raitt, if you haven’t thoroughly memorized every articulation in her 1971 cover of Blind Faith‘s “Can’t Find My Way Home”, it’s time to get started.

The Daughters Opens!

Last night The Daughters opened at CAP21, a project I’ve been involved with for almost 2 years now we’re starting a showcase run of this “folk-funk opera”, which features some hip music by Shaina Taub and some of the most killin vocal talent I know in the city.  We’ve summoned an excellent band and we’ll be playing for the next 3 weeks, until March 20.  It’d be an honor to see any of you there.

Tickets (including student discounts) available here and details below:

March 2 – March 20
Wed. – Sat. at 7pm & Sun. at 5pm

The Daughters is a folk-funk opera that follows the journey of the vixen starlet Aphrodite, the ruthless hunter Artemis, and the child prodigy Athena, all daughters of the original show-stopper, Zeus. Set against the vicious backdrop of the ceaseless Trojan War, The Daughters explodes the stories of three young women into an immersive, raucous, and heartbreaking rock concert, asking how a spotlighted generation can find their voice in a deafening world.

FEATURING: Shaina Taub, Aisha de Haas, Kate Ferber, Maiysha, Alyse Alan Louis, Grace McLean, Dominique Toney, Jenni Lawton and Catherine Brookman.

At CAP21:
18 W. 18th St, NYC (5th Floor)

“The Daughters” tickets on sale

You may have seen The Daughters on this blog before– including a one-night performance we did at Joe’s Pub in 2009 and some demos we released this past September.  Now, tickets are officially on sale for the March 3-week run of The Daughters at CAP21 in New York, for which I’ll be leading and arranging the band and playing bass.  There quite a lot of awesome (and new) talent involved with this show, which is for me a consistent source of creative energy.  Hopefully we’ll see you over the course of one of the 15 performances!

Here’s the official press release on

If you missed our live jam on  the inaugural episode of Clinton Curtis’ “CC Radio” Tuesday night, you can watch it here.  Clinton and wonderfully talented producer Matt Stine will be broadcasting live every 2 weeks with all sorts of musical goodness. Make sure you check out Clinton’s new single for free at his website (above)!  We’ll be playing at Joe’s Pub on March 5.

Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk have posted some great video from our show this past Monday at Le Poisson Rouge, including this one below. They also have a new record that’s been making waves on iTunes.