The Butter Lounge

When not being called in to perform and record as a hired sideman (see Discography), I produce and arrange recordings with Funky Butter Productions for numerous independent artists from my home space “The Butter Lounge” and a handful of other studios around New York City.

Some of the gear I use on the road, in the studio and when tracking at “The Butter Lounge”:

Gear at The Butter Lounge

1966 Fender Precision bass
Modulus VJ bass
Hofner Club bass (Contemporary series)
1967 Vox Sidewinder bass
1980 Ibanez Musician bass
1999 Fender Japan Mustang bass
1990’s Fender Jazz fretless

1969 Fender Bassman amplifier
1975 Fender Princeton Reverb
Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano

Martin D-15 acoustic guitar
Univox 70’s Les Paul Custom
Fender early 90’s Telecaster
Giambattista (French luthier) classical guitar

Mono M-80 bass case

Giambattista classical guitar, recording at The Butter Lounge

Mid-Missouri M-1 mandolin
Sakis Greek tetrachordo bouzouki
Aria 5-string banjo
Turkish fretless cümbüş
Lucida Guitarrón
Toy piano
Antique pump organ
Hilo baritone ukulele
mountain dulcimer
bowed psaltery

Aphex 107 Mix Preamp
Aphex 661 Expressor
Various keyboards/controllers
AKG C-451EB small-diaphragm condensers
Studio Projects C-1 large-diaphragm condenser

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