Funky Butter Productions

Make Me Breakfast – Debut EP by Grace McLean

Talk In Tongues – Sophomore record by Abby Bernstein

Echo – Debut record by Carrie Manolakos

Symptoms of a Wide Eyed Being – Debut record by Ryan Amador

What Otters Do – Debut record by Shaina Taub

Apologize/HumanMorgan Karr feat. Catherine Brookman

Political Wife – Music video for Political Subversities
Music produced by Justin Goldner for Funky Butter Productions
Featured on The Huffington Post


Funky Butter Productions is in the continuing creative work of the former band Funky Butter, working with independent artists to co-write, arrange, record and perform their music, taking it from the “lightbulb” stage to the ears of fans and helping them pitch their songs for licensing opportunities

Since the release of their 2008 album Made of You, the band’s various members have branched out into productions and collaborations with fresh artists.

More information about Recordings & Productions at The Butter Lounge

Made of You – Debut record by Funky Butter

Una Passeggiata (Live) – Live world/jazz music by Justin Goldner’s Subdiversity Band

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