Una Passeggiata

About Una Passeggiata

The culmination of several forays of travel in Europe and the Middle East, Una Passeggiata celebrates different reflections of Mediterranean culture, like shadows cast upon disparate lands by the same sun. Blending a lyrical melodic sensibility with Balkan-influenced grooves, jazz harmonic richness and a soulful sense of vibe, the album, recorded live in May 2008, features original and reinterpreted compositions and arrangements by Justin Goldner and guitarist Brad Shepik, as well as the playing of John Beaty, Jordan Perlson and James Clark.

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About the Songs

Pane e dolci (Italian for “Bread and sweets”) was written in 2007, during a dusk stroll around the river Tiber in Rome (hence the album title, “Una Passeggiata, “a stroll”). It was my first time traveling abroad, and for two days, I found myself completely alone in a foreign city whose thousand-year old history I had heard throughout my childhood. Staying with some nuns in a convent-turned-hostel, I felt an unbelievable freedom, and as I wandered the city, taking in the sweet odors of Italian pastries, I heard Jeff Buckley singing this wordless melody in my head.

In the following weeks I would workshop the tune, thanks to the playing and expertise of Chris Potter, Mara Rosenbloom, Jonathan Kantor and others at NYU’s jazz program in Florence, Italy.

Óneira (Greek for “dreams”) had its genesis as an exercise while studying with Wayne Krantz at New York University. Inspired by a film from my childhood, it hinges on atmospheric melodies that seem to drift by, seemingly unrelated to their surroundings, as if from another time or place.

The Flood” is an original tune by guitarist Brad Shepik, who mentored me for a time at NYU. Drawing on Arabic and Balkin scales, I love how funky the tune can be in spite of– or, perhaps, thanks to– it’s angular and shifting time signatures.

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Una Passeggiata – The Subdiversity Band

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