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From the Road: Unreleased Funky Butter videos

(Photo: Winker)

We pulled into “Paradise” in Pensacola Beach, Florida after driving back in time over an invisible line. The air is brisk and fresh, and people are saying that some time around noon tomorrow we’re going to be hit with monsoon-style rain. I plan on trying to hit the beach before then!

The last several days, Nicole Hart and the 4 of us herbs in her band zig-zagged across Florida, playing at some great clubs in Talahassee, Boca Raton and Sebastian. Pulling across the Georgia border, we heard Rodney Adkins’ “Cleaning This Gun“, a perfect (tongue-in-cheek) welcome to the deep south. Wednesday we’ll be crossin the border into Alabama.

Winker took the great shot posted above of me singing Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman” at the Back Room in Boca Raton.

I also dug up a some classic unreleased videos of Funky Butter playing at the Trocadero in Philadelphia recorded by Dylan Steinberg— our only gig with a horn section. Here’s part of “Hungry”:

And the full performance of “She Walks The Line” (part of this video was previously available on youtube).

I’ve got some exciting projects coming up in April in May, about which I’ll post some time next week. In the meantime I’ve been enjoying Costas Gavras’ classic film “Z”during the drive, thanks to the recommendation of Francesca Magnani.