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How do I tell the band what I want?

As an artist, you are not expected to be an expert at every instrument– that’s why you have a band! So if you’re unsure how to make the drums sound the way you want, have no fear– you hired the drummer because he or she is an expert at drums and is experienced at writing drum parts. All you have to do is listen carefully and attentively to what your band plays, individually and as a unit, and communicate effectively how it makes you feel when performing the song. Effective communication is a true skill and will help you in all aspects of your music.

That said, while everyone communicates differently, learning the language of music is an invaluable tool to you. Perhaps classical music theory isn’t for everyone, but a healthy understanding of the harmony in your songs– that is, what chords and notes you’re playing (and not playing)– can be a boon to arranging and preparing a band. Learning to differentiate between the kick and snare drum, between the hi-hat and the ride cymbals will streamline communication with drummers (insert caveman-drummer joke) and instantly gain your respect in their eyes.
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