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Finding the Right Musicians

It’s a sad fact, but the best musicians are not always the right ones for your project. You may like the drummer’s playing from such-and-such band, but before committing to have them on a gig, make sure that their professionalism lives up to their chops. Someone who seems very invested in your music may or may not have the experience to come up with appropriate parts. So how do you know who will do your music justice and won’t waste your time?

This drummer's on the wrong gig.

Seek out recommendations. I wouldn’t hire someone to paint my house before checking with a referral. If you don’t have the personal experience working with someone, it’s always good to ask for others’ opinions. Friends, colleagues, and other members of your band will be eager to recommend someone with whom they’ve had great experiences working before.

Once you’ve got a lineup for the band, taking into account your budget and the size and aims of the gig, make sure that they have what they need to know your music inside out. Don’t send too much, or too little.

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