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New Year, New Voices, New Ideas

People often ask what it takes to be a working musician or artist in New York City.

No matter who you are, or how good you are at what you do, something very special about New York– or, I imagine, any other major arts hub– is that there is always, and will always be someone out there who is better than you. Some people find this intimidating, but for others it can be incredibly inspiring– there is always someone to learn from and an impetus to ceaselessly improve your craft.

But how can you as a musician or artist be heard above the static? How can you distinguish yourself so that you are the one that gets remembered, that gets the call for the next gig and the gig after that?

This year I’ll be exploring some of the skills and practices that I’ve observed in the best musicians, singers and artists in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville: those that I respect most– those that have managed over years to build a solid profession on being the best of the best. I’ll be interviewing some of them about their skills and sharing my own experiences and observations– and hopefully, you can share your comments as well.

For another spin on 2013, the Subdiversity blog will be joined by culture producers and curators karmeck360– (a.k.a. Morgan Karr and Lindsay Meck), contributing their own angle on the interaction between live and social media in the 21st century. More on that in days to come.


Justin Goldner is a bassist, guitarist, producer, songwriter, language junkie and lover of culture in all its manifestations. Follow him on Twitter @JusBass.

Morgan Karr featured on LogoTV Blog

Funky Butter Productions’ recent release, Morgan Karr’s mashup of One Republic’s “Apologize” and Jon McLaughlin’s “Human” was featured on LogoTV’s “NewNowNext” blog:


In addition, Shaina Taub’s What Otters Do comes out next Monday with a CD release party at Rockwood Music Hall. You can pre-stream the entire album here for the next week.

Aladdin’s “Friend Like Me” reimagined; Nashville + San Diego

I will openly admit that I had (read: have) enormous crushes on Ariel and Jasmine from the early 90’s Disney movies The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. (Belle was too proper to have any fun).  I rediscovered the scores and songs of those films by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman at some point in high school and loved how his work in Aladdin made big band swing sound like it was inexorably linked with the Middle Eastern Arabian setting.

So I was thrilled to perform Shaina Taub’s re-invention of “Friend Like Me” with a little Andrews Sisters vibe thrown in for good measure at Rockwood Music Hall last month:

Other news: I’m in Nashville tonight playing with Morgan Karr at the Mercy Lounge on Cannery Row! Morgan’s been tearin’ it up in New York and Chicago and now we’re back in his hometown with an incredible band made up of both New York and Nashville musicians.

Morgan Karr's EP release, last month @ Joe's Pub

I’m also recently back from an amazing time in San Diego, opening for Barenaked Ladies with Abby Bernstein. Our 2 day trip out there was a whirlwind of Anchorman references (and an appearance on San Diego 6 that elicited them), late night stops at In-N-Out Burger, and an incredible audience at Humphrey’s By The Bay.

Abby Bernstein in San Diego; Photo: Steven Parr

Barenaked Ladies' bassist, Jim Creegan

You stay classy, San Diego.