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Almost February?!

I’ve been pretty bad about keeping in touch lately… something about the cold weather makes me forget there’s a world out there. At the moment I’m rediscovering for the N-teenth time David Garibaldi’s brilliant lyrical grooves. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to, and some fun stuff coming up:

Mid-January saw a trip out to Kansas City. Flights that were canceled, delayed, and finally diverted left us in St. Louis with 4 hours until the gig, so we rented a car and high-tailed it across The Show Me State and arrived with 15 minutes to spare. The whirlwind trip left us with just enough time to grab a hearty meal at Jackstack that kept me filled for weeks to come.

I also had the absolute pleasure of joining Marc Shulman and Joe Piteo for 2 days of writing and recording in a very open/improvisational setting. We’re sifting through the tapes and hoping to have something to offer from the sessions in the not-too-distant future.

Lately I’ve been working closely with Shaina Taub, Grace McLean and Carrie Manolakos, producing some recordings of their outstanding songs. More on that to come; but in the mean time you can catch me out live with Shaina and Grace several times this month.

Tues 2/2: Shaina Taub @ Spike Hill
Fri 2/5: Haiti Benefit @ Bowery Poetry Club
Sun 2/7: Grace McLean @ Flea Theater (3pm)
Feb 2/11: Minq Vaadka CD Release @ Joe’s Pub

I’ll also be appearing with Minq Vaadka for the CD release of The Plastic Masquerade, late night at Joe’s Pub on 2/11. I’ll let this link do the explaining– the show should be quite a pre-V-day spectacle.

A couple records that I’ve played on have recently seen the light of day:
Angeli’s Breathe It In
Anodyne Blues Band’s Full Time Bills — forthcoming, but preview tracks on their myspace
Andy Arnold’s Suite Camusa piece inspired by Albert Camus, on which I play bouzouki

Full list of shows and media is always available at– and you can subscribe to for show announcements if the once-every-5-months email blast just doesn’t cut it for you.

I’ve also been enjoying some of these discs by other artists:
Amy CorreiaYou Go Your Way
Nini & BenThe Reasons We Try
The Ones & Nines

Ok, that’s all for now.

Funky Butter’s “Made of You” comes out August 4

Hey all–

For the past year I’ve been working hard on a record with my old band, Funky Butter. The record, Made of You finally comes out in 10 days on August 4, and you can currently stream the entire record at (where you can also read more and order it). There’s 10 tunes from FB’s repertoire (plus 2 bonus tracks for pre-orders) and the record features some great guest appearances– all of which you can find out at

Currently, I’m playing music on board a ship in the Mediterranean– getting to see some great places and working on music for some new projects. And if you haven’t already, check out my live world-jazz record Una Passeggiata on YouTube and imeem and right here.

“Una Passeggiata” — Live Album Release

Check it:

I’m pleased to announce the release of Una Passeggiata, recorded live on May 13, 2008. Video of the entire performance is on YouTube, and tracks are available for download on myspace via snowcap: 12/27/10: Working on getting these tracks available for download once again!

Big thanks to Chris Zembower who did an excellent job recording and mixing the 6 tunes:

1. Pilgrimage (Shepik)
2. Green Dolphin St.
3. Óneira
4. Pikrós eínai o pónos mou (Tsitsanis)
5. The Flood (Shepik)
6. Pane e Dolci (“Una Passeggiata”) 

featuring: Brad Shepik (gtr), John Beaty (sax), James Clark (piano), Jordan Perlson (drums)

I am incredibly blessed and thankful to play with these musicians, as well as to everyone who came out to the performance. Also to Ari Feldman for transferring and editing the video and to Harold Goldner for filming.

Now I’m sinking myself deep into getting the Funky Butter album mixed and released for your listening/tasting pleasure.



Audio recorded and mixed in stereo by Chris Zembower (czembower[at]gmail[dot]com)
Edited by Ari Feldman (arifeldman3[at]gmail[dot]com)
Video recorded by Harold Goldner (hgoldner[at]krautharris[dot]com)

Dallin Applebaum “King’s Highway EP”, Stereo Set CDs online

Bandmate Dallin Applebaum‘s King’s Highway EP will finally be released at Funky Butter‘s March 2 gig at the Bitter End– you can hear some tracks from it (“Save Me”, “King’s Highway”) in my player.

Also, you can hear my playing on The Stereo Set‘s To The Sea, now available online at:

I co-produced and I’m on the following tracks:

1. “Buried In The Ground” – bass
2. “Even In Time” – electric gtr
3. “All Is Love” – bass
4. “Nevermind The Circle of Life” – electric gtr, various noises
5. “To The Sea” – bass, organ

New Tracks from The Stereo Set: “To the Sea”

Check out the tracks from my just-finished EP with The Stereo Set, To the Sea @  You can download them from the SnoCap store @

I Wish My Name Were Jack

My friend Andy Mullen just released his second album, “I Wish My Name Were Jack” which features yours truly on banjo, mandolin and guitar on a couple tracks including “Bottle On A Shelf” (above). Check him out at and He’ll be touring all summer and I’ll be joining him at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore, PA on August 3.