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Respecting People’s Time

People often ask what it takes to be a working musician in New York City. How can you as a musician or artist be heard above the static? How can you distinguish yourself so that you are the one that gets remembered, that gets the call for the next gig and the gig after that?

Respecting People’s Time
There’s nothing more important than showing your coworkers, collaborators and friends that you respect their time. The nature of the music industry usually requires that people invest all of their free time in several projects: if you’re not performing, you’re preparing for a gig. If you’re not creating new music, you’re promoting the music you’ve made. If you’re not booking a gig, you’re working on marketing. The vast majority of musicians need to play with numerous artists and/or work numerous jobs to make ends meet and get to do what they love.

So if you show them that you respect their time, they will respect yours. How can you indicate to people that their time is valuable to you?

Show up on time. If, as a musician, you show up late to a rehearsal, not only do you waste the artist’s time (and possibly money)– you waste the time of every other musician in the band. If, however, others see that you are prompt and efficient, you will stand out and are likely to be on everyone’s list for the next gig.
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