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Dallin Applebaum “Fortune Cookie” CD Release Party

A year after releasing Funky Butter’s Made of You record, all of the ex-Butteroids have remained busy with various projects, as you’ll see on our respective pages. Tomorrow night, Dallin Applebaum‘s releasing her 2nd solo EP, Fortune Cookie, which features my bass playing on “Hypochondria” (listen in my myspace player).  I also co-wrote and did guitar, bass and drum arrangements on the track “J & The Reminder of Who I’m Not” (Check out Funky Butter performing it live).

Dallin Applebaum - Fortune Cookie EP

Tomorrow you’ll find me playing live at Dallin’s CD release party at Rockwood Music Hall (along with fellow Butter-alums Kate Ferber and Dan Tirer.)  Everyone who attends (free admission) gets a free download of Fortune Cookie.  If you miss it, you can pick up the record at

A couple other upcoming gigs have me with Justin Mitchell at Sullivan Hall this Thursday; I’ll be playing my first date in a while in my hometown Philly with Nini & Ben in August.

If you haven’t yet, check out my recent interview in Indie-Music Expressions.

Upcoming Funky Butter Album

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of work into finishing up Funky Butter’s upcoming album Made of You. You can check out some unfinished rough mixes at Funky Butter’s myspace, and if you want, you can preorder the album and reserve your physical copy of the CD plus some exclusive bonus tracks. I can’t tell you when the album will be done, but stay tuned for emails/bulletins from the Funky Butter page and it should be goddamned soon!