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“The Daughters” Premiere This Weekend

My good friend Shaina Taub’s musical The Daughters premieres with 3 performances this weekend. I arranged the music that Shaina wrote and will be playing bass and directing the band. I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting original project, featuring gorgeous goddesses wailing out beautiful original music. It also stars (among others) Funky Butter’s own Kate Ferber.

Details are available here on facebook
Tickets are FREE and LIMITED and available by calling 212.998.1849.

I recently returned from a tour of Florida and Alabama with Nicole Hart, who just released her album award-winning album Treasure. The tour culminated with 2 sets at Springing the Blues in Jacksonville, a huge festival that saw 200,000 in attendance over 3 days.

Check us out in Boca Raton, FL, playing a Steve Winwood classic:

Our CD release party is this Saturday, May 9 at Turning Point in Piermont, NY.

Also, this Friday, May 8, I’m playing with Cuban-American rock group Del Exilio at Crash Mansion in NYC.

(More details available at

I’ve been diggin out some old-school videos of Funky Butter live– here are 2 from our final show in Philadelphia:

“J & The Reminder”, a tune Dallin Applebaum and I co-wrote immediately after the band decided to split. What other band premieres a new song at their last show? Look out for a studio version on her next record.

And “Penitentiary Philosophy”, a tune off Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun. This tune was a catalyst and inspiration for much of Funky Butter’s music… it closed our first show and we encored it at our last gig.

From the Road: Unreleased Funky Butter videos

(Photo: Winker)

We pulled into “Paradise” in Pensacola Beach, Florida after driving back in time over an invisible line. The air is brisk and fresh, and people are saying that some time around noon tomorrow we’re going to be hit with monsoon-style rain. I plan on trying to hit the beach before then!

The last several days, Nicole Hart and the 4 of us herbs in her band zig-zagged across Florida, playing at some great clubs in Talahassee, Boca Raton and Sebastian. Pulling across the Georgia border, we heard Rodney Adkins’ “Cleaning This Gun“, a perfect (tongue-in-cheek) welcome to the deep south. Wednesday we’ll be crossin the border into Alabama.

Winker took the great shot posted above of me singing Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman” at the Back Room in Boca Raton.

I also dug up a some classic unreleased videos of Funky Butter playing at the Trocadero in Philadelphia recorded by Dylan Steinberg— our only gig with a horn section. Here’s part of “Hungry”:

And the full performance of “She Walks The Line” (part of this video was previously available on youtube).

I’ve got some exciting projects coming up in April in May, about which I’ll post some time next week. In the meantime I’ve been enjoying Costas Gavras’ classic film “Z”during the drive, thanks to the recommendation of Francesca Magnani.

From the Road: New Bat-or video, Lenart Krečič tracks

Hey y’all,

As I post this, I’m speeding southbound down I-95 (or more likely stuck in traffic) with the Nicole Hart Band. After stops in Richmond, VA and Brunswick, GA, we’ll spend 2 weeks crisscrossing Florida, culminating with 2 performances at the Springing the Blues Festival in Jacksonville Beach. You can see our schedule on my page at, so if we stop anywhere near you, come on out for a good hang! I’ll update this blog with photos and tales of debauchery– so, if you’re into that, go ahead and subscribe ;)

I’ve got a new video up with my long-time collaborator Bat-or Kalo. She’s been getting airplay with her upcoming CD Flesh & Bones over in Tel Aviv, but this video is a live performance of at Rockwood Music Hall in New York. Check it out and make sure you stop by her page to hear some tracks off her new record:

(P.S… her name means “Daughter of Light”, so you know she’s pretty badass ;)

Also, Slovenian saxophonist Lenart Krečič has posted 4 tracks I recorded with him to his profile: his compositions “That Night“, “Vitality” and “Left in Silence” as well as his arrangement of the Slovenian folk song “Zrejlo Je Žito”. Also on the tracks is alto player John Beaty, who played on my live offering Una Passeggiata, and Adam Jackson on the drums.

Check them out here:

Hasta la próxima… I’ve got some cool transcriptions in the works to share on future blogs. You can subscribe here at along the right sidebar.

Nicole Hart Tour, new Elle Varner video

Ciao ragazzi,

Next week I’m departing w/ the Nicole Hart Band for a tour of Florida (with a well placed stop in Mobile, Alabama), celebrating her new release Treasure on Blues Leaf Records and culminating with the 3-day Springing the Blues Festival in Jacksonville Beach. If you’re in NYC, come bid us bon voyage at Dinosaur BBQ this Friday 3/20 at 10:30.

Also, check out this acoustic performance with Elle Varner of her song “So Fly”. I’ll be playing with her at Cafe Corio in NYC on April 14, when I return from the good southern weather to the (hopefully) good northern weather.

**ed. note: video later removed from youtube**

I’m also excited to be arranging the music for Shaina Taub’s new musical The Daughters, featuring Funky Butter‘s Kate Ferber and a whole cast of talented women. The show premieres the first week of May… more details on that to come.

If you haven’t heard it yet, Funky Butter’s record Made of You is streaming and available for purchase and download here, and my live world-jazz record Una Passeggiata is up on YouTube.